IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. makes every effort to keep pedestrians safe

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. is attracting viewers’ attention with various road safety facilities

2017-02-22 17:32
IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. located at Dalseong-gun in Daegu displayed various road safety facilities at the 25th Seoul World Road Congress held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, attracting viewers’ attention.

IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. is famous as a maker of road safety facilities, such as lane divider for preventing jaywalking which were selected as excellent procurement products, bollards, road boundary stones and safety fences.

IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. makes bollards with polyurethane using white pipes as heartwood. Those highly elastic and stable bollards are positively evaluated for contributing to safety of pedestrians and bike riders.

Safety fences using aluminum also attracted people’s attention in the booth of IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd.  These fences are good for school zones because they were made utilizing lightness and processing properties of aluminum and they were strengthened.

Vice-president Song Chang-geun spoke, “The motto of my company is ‘life and safety.’ We will make utmost efforts to make goods that can take responsibility for safety to be recognized in the world stage.”