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IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. makes every effort to keep pedestrians safe.





Less costs for repair with higher durability

This delineator passed 1,000kgf load test for 1,000 times and verified its higher durability and low possibility of damage

“This delineator is used to help drivers know road conditions and detect regions with a higher risk of traffic accidents in advance.”

  • Integrated structure of lower flange with inserted hard base (patent held by Iido Industry)
  • Lower risk of being folded or pulled away with minimum damage of joint and shear failure and maximum uplift capacity according to deformation
  • Designed with the structure that minimizes damage and deformation of upper part
  • Ultimate durability and shelf life in Korea


Model Item No. Serial No. Size (mm) Certification
ID601 46161597 22964392 Ø200×Ø80×750 Help drivers detect a risk

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