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IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. makes every effort to keep pedestrians safe.

Elastic Bollard

Elastic Bollard


ID500 Series

We will keep pedestrians safe

Elastic bollard is the best product to separate sidewalk from roadway for safety and path of pedestrians.

“Elastic bollard with refined design in harmony with cityscape”

  • This elastic bollard prevents vehicles from entering a sidewalk and reducing risks that affect the safe passage of pedestrians in advance.
  • This elastic bollard removes causes of accidents or damages of sidewalk that can be caused by stopping or parking a vehicle.
  • This elastic bollard cushions the vehicle impact on pedestrians, protects them from serious injuries and prevents vehicles from entering a sidewalk.
  • This elastic bollard with high-quality performance allows certain degree of deflection and reverts to its original form after an impact.


Model Item No. Serial No. Size (mm) Certification
ID501 3012179401 22990960 Ø120×900, embedding type To prevent illegal parking or stopping of vehicle, prevent vehicles from entering sidewalk To separate sidewalk from roadway
ID502 3012179401 22990961 Ø120×900, embedding type
ID511 3012179401 22990962 Ø120×900, cushioning impact, embedding type
ID512 3012179401 22990963 Ø120×900, cushioning impact, embedding type

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