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IIDO INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. makes every effort to keep pedestrians safe.

Jaywalk Preventing Product

Jaywalk Preventing Product



Technology products with national certification

Korea’s one and only purchase-preferred technology product with two certifications of performance and quality of Excellent Procurement Product.

“Jaywalk Preventing Product and improve driver’s perception”

  • Technology products with national certification
  • Flexible median strip with polyurethane bar
  • high durability and strict follow-up management

Lower Base

Hard base is inserted into two-unit lower flange and six anchors are fastened to increase uplift capacity and minimize shear failure of lower supporting stand and breakage of anchor bolt hole

Undistorted Hook Binding Device

For prevention of separation and breakaway of crossbar and supproting bar, breakable joint consists of undistorted hook binding device for inserting fixing bracket that prevents binding hook from falling off



Driving anti-shock test

Higher resilience, supporting force and durability with lateral rib which joins two pipes and longitudinal rib which connects interior space

1,000kgf load test

1000kfg load test has been completed for 700 times



Model Item No Serial No. Size (mm) Certification
ID311 46161575 22588841 Ø115 x H900 x L1800, link Performance, Excellent procurement, Good design

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